Ukraine Takes Drastic Measures to Help Ease Stress From the War

Ukraine Takes Drastic Measures to Help Ease Stress From the War

( – For nearly two years, the Ukrainian people have lived in fear of being killed by Russian shelling or soldiers. That has taken a toll on citizens of the Eastern European nation. The country’s parliament has taken action to combat the toll it has taken on its people.

On December 19, the Ukrainian parliament voted to legalize medical marijuana. Those who want to try the drug will have to go to the doctor and get a prescription for it. Recreational use of the drug is still illegal, and those caught with it will face criminal repercussions. The new law was passed by 248 votes in the 401-seat chamber. It will also allow cannabis to be used for industrial and scientific needs. The law, proposed by Prime Minister Denys Smyhal, goes into effect in six months.

The issue of whether to legalize marijuana in the country is one that people have long debated. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of the country helped speed the process along.

Earlier this year, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy pushed for marijuana legalization. During a speech on the 27th anniversary of the adoption of the nation’s Constitution, Zelenskyy called on lawmakers to legalize “cannabis-based medicines for those who need them.” He pointed out that it’s one of the solutions that might help people who are enduring “the pain, stress, and trauma of war.”

Russian troops have repeatedly attacked civilian areas throughout the conflict, causing absolute terror. The Kremlin has denied intentionally targeting the areas, but there are reports of schools, hospitals, theaters, maternity wards, and others being hit.

Dr. Jade McGlynn, a research fellow in War Studies at King’s College London, spoke to Euro News earlier this year and said what Russia is doing is “terror bombing,” and she believes it’s intended to “make Ukrainians feel unsafe and place them under considerable psychological pressure.”

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