Union Boss Claims Workers Support Trump Over Biden 3 to 1

(UnitedVoice.com) – The 2024 election is less than seven months away and President Joe Biden is trying to position himself as a champion of the American working class. Former President Donald Trump is doing the same thing. Both men are competing for various union endorsements.

Recently, a respected union boss claimed the former president is leading Biden when it comes to support among union workers.

A Rousing Show of Support

Trump is currently spending much of his time in New York City, where he’s on trial for allegedly committing more than 30 financial crimes. On April 25, before he headed to the Manhattan courtroom, he stopped by a construction site to meet with workers. The former president is a longtime, well-known developer in the city and, apparently, he’s still well-liked.

Hundreds of union workers and fans were there to welcome Trump when he pulled up at the construction site. Some asked the former commander-in-chief for his autograph while others wanted selfies with him.

After Trump met with the workers, he spoke to reporters who were on the scene to document the visit. He told them he’d experienced an “amazing show of affection.”

The former president said his campaign is going to try to make a play for New York, even though it’s traditionally a blue state. He told the press that he recently saw a poll showing him leading Biden in all of the swing states, so he thinks that his campaign is going to do very well.

Not an Anomaly

Bob Bartels, the manager of Steamfitters Local 638, appeared on “Fox & Friends” to discuss the shift he sees among workers. The lifelong Democrat told host Brian Kilmeade that he thinks blue-collar workers are fed up with President Biden’s policies and are moving away from him.

Traditionally, the Democratic Party has been seen as the biggest supporter of unions. Republicans generally do not believe in protecting them, preferring to leave the market alone as much as possible. Bartels said that nothing was going to change his opinion because he wanted “to see what’s done for America” and he wanted “what’s right for the citizens.” He said that his “members want that also.”

Unfortunately, Bartels explained his union members are mad because they’re living paycheck to paycheck, and some can’t even afford to pay their bills. Those workers reportedly told him that they wanted to vote for Trump. He said that he’s going to take a bigger poll and then endorse whomever the workers choose.

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