White House Claims Russia is Executing Its Own Soldiers

(UnitedVoice.com) – The Russian invasion of Ukraine is nearing the two-year mark, and it doesn’t appear the conflict will end anytime soon. The White House recently made shocking allegations about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On October 26, John Kirby, spokesperson for the White House National Security Council, spoke out against Russia, saying the country “continues to show no regard [for] the lives of its soldiers.” He said the US believes thousands of Russian troops have died in the conflict with Ukraine and some of them have allegedly been killed by their fellow soldiers.

Kirby explained that the US has information that Russia is “executing soldiers who refuse to follow orders.” He went on to say that commanders have reportedly threatened to murder entire Russian units if they try to retreat from enemy fire.

The allegations come after months of reports that Russia has suffered heavy casualties on the battlefield. The UK Ministry of Defence has estimated that approximately 290,000 members of Putin’s military have either died or suffered injuries. According to Insider, one of the hallmarks of the war has been Putin’s willingness to allow his generals to lead his soldiers into reckless assaults and sacrifice thousands of them.

Researchers told the website that “blood sacrifice” for their country is often ingrained in Russians. In WWII, the country lost an estimated 27 million soldiers.

Unlike WWII, where they were fighting Adolf Hitler, this time, the war seems pointless. Russians have protested the conflict since it started. Thousands have fled the country to avoid being drafted. Kirby’s allegations are an extra layer to an already controversial conflict. He said the allegations against Putin are “reprehensible” and “barbaric.”

Kirby also pointed out that the alleged executions speak to a larger problem within the Russian military. He said it shows how “poorly Russia’s military leaders know they’re doing” and how terrible their strategy has been since the beginning of the conflict.

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