White House Press Sec Caught In Another Big Lie

White House Press Sec Caught In Another Big Lie

(UnitedVoice.com) – The White House press secretary is the voice for the president. Karine Jean-Pierre, the current officeholder, is also responsible for maintaining a good relationship between the administration and the press. It’s hard to do that when she is allegedly lying.

On January 17, Jean-Pierre held the daily press briefing and discussed immigration. A reporter asked the press secretary why she repeated the “false claim that Republicans voted to reduce the number of Border Patrol agents” when even the mainstream media has called it untrue. She said the administration doesn’t believe the claim is false.

After some back and forth, the reporter asked if the press secretary thought it was insulting to voters to keep saying something that is “just not true.” Jean-Pierre responded, “One thing that the President does not do is insult vot- — insult voters or American people.”

That statement is verifiably untrue. In 2019, then-candidate Biden got into an argument with an Iowa voter. The man told the Democrat he was too old to be running for the White House. Then the voter accused the former vice president of sending his son, Hunter Biden, to Ukraine to work for Burisma and sell access to the president. Biden lashed out at the man and called him a “damn liar.”

In 2020, the Democrat snapped at an auto worker who accused him of trying to take away people’s guns. Biden said he was “full of sh*t” and later called him a “horse’s a**.”

After being elected president, Biden had a heated exchange with Fox News reporter Peter Doocy. The conservative journalist, who is an American voter as well, asked the POTUS a question about whether inflation is a political liability for him. Biden responded to him sarcastically, and then, under his breath, he called Doocy a “stupid son of a b*tch.”

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