America’s Oddest “Hidden Gems”

( – There are many breathtaking and awe-inspiring places you can visit across the United States. Some of these are as remarkable for their strangeness as for anything else. In this article, we look at some of the oddest hidden gems our great nation has to offer.

1. The Pink Salt Flats of Utah

One half of the Great Salt Lake in Utah has a pink hue that creates some truly magnificent views, both from the sky and from the water’s edge. The two parts of the lake are separated by a railway line, with the bodies of water on either side having different saline levels that cause the striking coloration difference. As a result, particular types of algae survive well in the isolated northern half of the lake, causing it to turn pink.

2. The Marfa Lights

The Marfa Lights aren’t always visible, but when they do appear, they put on quite a show. They come out near the Texas city of Marfa an estimated 25 times a year; they take the shape of balls of light that float and wave around at around shoulder-height. They come in various colors, but are most often white.

Experts are still unsure of the reason behind the lights. Some believe they are just car headlights coming from a great distance and distorted by weather phenomena.

3. The Mutter Museum

If you need something to do for an afternoon in Philadelphia, the Mutter Museum could be just the thing. The exhibitions there look at some of the strangest known phenomena related to the human body, as well as the remains of famous individuals. You can even see Albert Einstein’s brain on display!

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