Lemon Water Anti-Aging Benefits

Lemon Water Anti-Aging Benefits
Lemon Water Anti-Aging Benefits

Could an all-natural, tasty solution to aging be in your refrigerator right now? Research seems to point to yes! It turns out drinking a glass of lemon water one to two times every day might benefit your health by improving collagen production, reducing weight gain, and speeding up your metabolism all at the same time. It’s easy, effective, and requires absolutely no medication.

Key Facts

• Age reduces how much collagen (the substance in your skin that promotes elasticity) your body produces. Lemon water contains Vitamin C, which temporarily increases collagen production.
• Lemons also contain citric acid, a critical component of digestion and metabolic function. Drinking lemon water blocks the absorption of certain carbohydrates, helping you lose weight.
• Rutin and hesperidin, two natural substances found in lemon rinds and skins, may also play a role in chronic venous insufficiency or varicose veins. That single glass of lemon water rehydrates you and supplements you with these two substances at the same time.
• All that Vitamin C also has other benefits: it detoxifies your system, clears out free radicals, and boosts the immune system. Some studies even show that lemon can improve digestion of fatty acids, which are critical for liver function.
• Bioflavinoids in lemons may reduce your risk for dementia and other seniorhood diseases. There is evidence to show that, when combined with Vitamin C, these substances also help to reduce the risk for other degenerative neurological conditions, too.
• Want to start your own lemon water protocol? Squeeze the juice of one whole lemon into approximately one pint of fresh water. Add more lemon for more flavor if desired, but avoid sugar – it cuts the benefits and introduces empty calories.

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