Millions of Voters’ Data Exposed Through Biden App

Millions of Voters’ Data Exposed Through Biden App

( – Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden launched an app in December 2019 to help build engagement. But, the campaign made a big mistake and of course, voters will pay the price.

According to a report by App Analyst, Biden’s campaign app made it easy for anyone to access millions of peoples’ voter information. The tech expert said he tricked the app into finding the data by simply creating a contact in his telephone with an individual’s name. By doing that, he could see addresses, birthdates, party affiliation, and other private info.

The bug is fixed now, but it was an outrageous mistake that borders on neglect.

A lot of this information is available online, but you’d have to hunt for it. Essentially, Biden had a one-stop-shop for anyone who wanted personal details on voters. Imagine the outrage if President Donald Trump’s campaign made a mistake like that. There would be a media feeding frenzy.

Of course, Sleepy Joe is getting a pass by most news outlets…no surprise there.

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